Rebecca Spooner

Rebecca Spooner

Rebecca Spooner

Before training as an Acupressure Therapist and Shiatsu practitioner, Becca worked with isolated tribal communities in the Amazon and Southern Africa helping them defend their land rights. Following a violent attack in Colombia, she was blessed to receive healing from an Arhuaco spiritual leader who guided her through meditations and cleansing rituals in a trauma release exercise that had a profound effect on her life. Inspired by the power of intention and ritual she began her studies in healing techniques and practices that quieten the mind and allow us to tune in to subtle energy, or Qi.

Becca is a Japanese Zen Shiatsu practitioner, yoga teacher and chef. She incorporates knowledge from each of her practices into holistic treatments that empower her clients’ innate ability to heal themselves, restoring balance, energy and a sense of calm in their lives.


Acupressure Therapy and Shiatsu

Acupressure and Shiatsu are deeply relaxing and nourishing treatments that are beneficial for the relief and prevention of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health problems. Rooted in Japan, and the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure and Shiatsu treat the meridian energy system to support Qi (subtle energy) in the body, restoring balance and good health.

The treatment is clothed, and the practitioner uses rotations, stretches, and deep finger pressure on specific points to open up space in the body, release energetic blockages and allow the free movement of Qi. Acupressure and Shiatsu leave the client feeling relaxed, balanced and energised.



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