Ren Mahlev

Ren Mahlev

Ren Mahlev

Ren is an Energetic Healer, Spiritual Teacher and an Artist. In the service of light, through the art of healing, transformation, and to re-connection to source. Enlightening the spirit and touching the soul, with the magic of open heart, she radiate bliss & joy. The energetic healing she shares is dealing with the Original Cause by seeing the big picture.

Ren was initiated with few healers and teachers from around the globe. The most significant initiations comes from the “Curanderos” lineage of ancient Shamanic healers from the Mayan tribes in Mexico, and were transmitted to her through Homaya Amar.

Today Ren is using more than 60 energetic healing techniques in the treatments she gives, and it is all dedicated for living an Aware, Fulfilled and Joyful Life.

Ren was born in Israel and living in Portugal now. She is leading workshops, giving private healing sessions and organizing international seminars for expanding consciousness.


Energetic Cleansing & Cutting cords 

Cleaning from your energetic field energies that take your energy down, releasing attachments from past relationships or event, cutting the cords from situations or people that has a non-vital & unhealthy connection with you. Taking out weight from your past, or worries/stress from the future that even does not exist yet. Making your energy level fresh, awaken, light and in more flow. For having healthier relationships, felling your passion to life and the joy of being alive!

Heart healing through Unconditional Love

It is a Self Love Healing Journey through a technique that supports you to clean judgment, guilt, shame, and denial, which don’t allow your heart to shine and glow. By receiving this healing you open yourself to the infinite flow of unconditional love that exists within you. It gives you inner peace, connection to who you truly are, and a compassionate attitude to deal with daily life.

Healing Self Esteem

Energetic healing for self esteem issues and for increasing your self value. For being aware of what takes you out of your center and increasing your healthy self esteem! By healing those issues, Releasing judgments and un-supporting concept you might have, you become aware and more open to be Authentic and to Live your Inner Truth. You are already perfect, just as you are!

Grief Relief

An ancient healing technique for completing the cycle of sadness in its all 4 levels; when one experience an end of relationship / project / any trauma or other big change in life that symbolize an end of something, this healing supports him to complete the lesson and to go on fresh to the next experience in life free from emotional energetic charge.

Sacred Geometry - Light Language

We are made out of sacred geometry and color codes, vibrations and frequencies. Our frequency level attracts the reality we are living. Holding a certain vibration using sacred geometry and color codes, supports us in healing ~ transforming ~ manifesting a reality we wish to experience. At this healing session we will focus on your intention, whatever it will be, and combine a unique code for you to open the door you wish for.


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