Rita Martins

Rita Martins

Rita Martins

She gave her first steps in massage in 2011 - at that point, she could already understand that it was the path she wished for her life.

She studied general therapy massage course, lymphatic drainage, shiatsu, thai massage and foot reflexology. These two were taken in Thailand, which was a really good and rich experience.

Since i started, she has been working on massage in clinics, hotels, enterprises, weddings and at Lisbon Yoga Festival (November 2017), in Portugal.

She wishes to spread magic, good energy and healing with her hands.


Swedish massage

Swedish Massage is a manual therapy that involves rubbing muscles together in the same direction as the flow of blood to the heart. Swedish massage works to improve circulation, relieve muscle tension, stretch tight ligaments and reduce emotional stress. ~Can be more soft and slow than other types of massage.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue is aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, also called connective tissue. It uses many of the same movements and techniques as the relaxing (or Swedish) massage, but the pressure will generally be more intense. It is also a more focused type of massage, as the therapist works to release chronic muscle tension.


Shiatsu  is an alternative technique that involves manual pressure applied to specific points on the body in an attempt to relieve tension and pain. According to the Japanese healing treatment, this technique uses thumbs, fingers, elbows, and knees to concentrate pressure at certain energy pathways in the body called meridians. It works to reduce muscle tension and fatigue and is thought to improve blood circulation in the body as well as improve function of the lymphatic system. Normally, creams and oils aren't used on shiatsu.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is one of the world's oldest healing modalities. It has fundamental massage points (Sen) which are the energy lines. It helps relieve fatigue, muscular cramping and nervous tension. It also helps in stimulating the blood and lymph circulation for physical fitness so as to improve body immunity. In this technique, we use gentle pressure with the hands and feet and a wide variety of passive stretching movements, making it as effective as Yoga. Usually, it’s not used oils  or creams, we only use palm and finger pressure.

Foot reflexology is based on the theory that there are zones and reflexes on the feet which correspond to the glands and organs of the entire body. By massaging on certain zones of the feet, systems of the body are stimulated through nerve endings which can improve circulation and blood flow to all the vital organs. It helps the organs work more effectively and can create a warm and refreshing feeling in the body.



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