Rita Silva

Rita Silva

Rita Silva

Rita is a yoga teacher based in Macau, where she runs a yoga studio and holistic center. It is in this space that Rita does her energy healing therapies. Energy work was always something very intuitive for Rita; so for her, it was a natural transition, to start with Yoga and Reiki, and to progress to Reconnective Healing, a more “free-style” exploratory type of energy medicine. In her sessions, some people get into very deep out-of- body states where they have visions and all sorts of physical sensations; others will simply fall asleep and rest. All is happening in the right time, and Rita knows that the magic is as much in the therapist’s hands, as in the client’s readiness for evolution. It is her third time working at the Healing Area and she is very honoured to be sharing this special gift of hers with Boomers.



Reconnective Energy Therapy

Rita has been working with Reconnective Energy for 7 years now, and it is her 3rd time in Boom’s Healing Area. Her therapy is a beautiful mystical experience that helps us reconnect to the Universal Energy Field. Sometimes we have “no energy” and feel exhausted; sometimes we feel charged and glowing - so we may not “see” our energy body, but we all “feel” it. Energy therapists have learned how to recharge others by simply connecting to the Source, serving as a channel, so that they can help other human beings. But what actually happens in the session? Rita will activate her hands and subtle sensibility, interacting with the energy field of the person that is lying down, and that will go through several physical, mental or emotional sensations. Some people enter a deep meditation state and have visions, with symbols that Rita will help to understand with her intuitive insight.



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