Roberto Zafón

Roberto Zafón

Roberto Zafón

Roberto, originally from Madrid, has been travelling around Scotland, Ireland, Cambodia and Norway until he realized what he was looking for it was closer than he thought so he came back to Spain, Valencia, where he is now settled, working  as Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga teacher, Shiatsupractor and Natural therapist.

He has been trying to live life as coherent and conscious that he can and knows. 


Shiatsu massage originated in Japan and utilizes the hands and palms--particularly the thumbs--to massage the body at specific points and treat many different conditions and encourage relaxation. Although often referred to as a form of massage, shiatsu is actually a form of energy work that balances the energy pathways in the body. The benefits of shiatsu depend upon the reasons for the visit and the duration of the therapy. Shiatsu practitioners report that people who go for regular treatments reap the most benefits, but that even one session can help relax the client and begin to clear the blocks in the energy.

Bok Bu

Massage originated in Korea and utilizes hands and palms to massage specifically the abdominal zone. It helps to balance the energy through aour organism and, also, to bring together the energies from Earth and Sky, Yin and Yang. After and during the session it gives us a profound feeling of relaxation, unblocking and redirecting the energy.

Ki Asai

It means literally ( Caress of the Soul). It is the action of sharing positive energy to everyone, a soft massage that connects a very subtle touch meanwhile reciting a powerfull mantra. It was developed by a former japanese budhist monk and his definition of Ki Asai is: “Represents the joy of two beings meeting in a common place such as Life, Nature, God, Budha...and this meeting feed as mutually, heal us and gives us a feeling of deep Peace.


Auriculotherapy has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Just as this ancient healing art defines acupuncture points on the body for treatment of various conditions, similar points are defined on the ear. Is a technique of using points on the skin of the auricle (external ear). We use this natural therapy to, unblock energy, relieve pain, addictions and internal disorders with excellent results. Best of all, it is safe, non-invasive and has no known side effects.

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