Sacha Murphy

Sacha is 27 and lives in the Emerald Isle that is Ireland. She is a trainee herbalist and helping people understand their healing ability is where she is at my happiest. She has been working on myself and with others in many different areas for a number of years. She has a close connection to plants, crystals and song and combines these in assisting ones healing as the energetics and frequencies provide harmony and restoration of the natural self. She loves people and is looking forward to bringing her energy to the healing space to connect and share with all at Boom. As a holistic therapist, she am simply assisting you to heal yourself, you are the healer.

Grá agus síocháin

Crystal/Herbal Massage

From my years of massage, my love of herbs and crystals, I arrived here. I have integrated the energy of the plants and crystals into my oils. I work very close with the plants and crystals for each individual energy. I finish off each treatment with a Chakra balancing to assist the body in its own natural healing.


Reflexology is a powerful energetic treatment that works on the entire body through corresponding points on the feet. The meridian's throughout the body are harmonised in order to allow the natural energy to flow releasing any unnecessary stress, illness and energy blocks. A specific blend of oil is applied to the solar plexus reflex on the feet to centre and ground the person at the end of the treatment.

IET Energy Therapy

IET is Integrated Energy Therapy. This energetic connection allows me to use my own channelling with the Angelic realm to assist healing on a cellular level. It works on the 9 Cellular Memory Power Points within the body. It's amazing for clearing one's energy on multiple levels while protecting and integrating in the flow of the subconscious energy.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage a traditional Ayurvedic ritual that focuses on the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face. The flow and pressure throughout changes with each person. Oils are traditionally used and depend on the experience the person wishes to have. A beautiful and relaxing experience.

Deep Tissue/Holistic Massage

A more intuitive approach to holistic and deep tissue traditional massage. After connecting with the individual and opening the space for healing, I use a pendulum and ask the person's body where they require the work. After the body has responded, it naturally begins to relax and begin the healing process allowing me to assist using both styles of massage depending on what the person needs and focus the energy where needed the most.

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