Sanja Novko

Sanja Novko

Sanja Novko

Sanja is from Croatia where bodywork is her work and passion. She teaches Shiatsu and Do-In at International School of Shiatsu Hrvatska since 2010.

This last 15 years her curiosity has led her through various educations and her shiatsu is greatly influenced by knowledge and experience she gathered since. So, except acupressure, there is osteopathy, craniosacral, yoga, thai yoga, massage and a pinch of watsu in my heart and hands. Currently at physiotherapy and Awareness Intensive "Who is in?" trainings. Her free time is reserved for photography, writing and nature.


Shiatsu / osteopathy /craniosacral

Shiatsu/Osteopathy/Craniosacral treatment is a form of communication through Touch based on techniques of energetic (Qi-chi) evaluation and bodywork manipulations. Each person is unique and each session responds to the present need of the client with the view to long-term health goals.

The goal of this treatment is to achieve energy flow as it inspires a deeper inner connection (body,mind,spirit) and release. It is achieved through breath, touch, pressure, movement, stretching and rhythm.


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