He start the journey with circus, searching balanced life. To keep moving energies, he decided to explore and heal bodies, it became a big passion, so today it is his job. He studied Sport, boat captaincy, osteopathy, quiromassage techniques and thai massage.


Pleasant walk along the anatomy of the recipient, preferably cranial flow, following an order in the passes on the body. Hands, forearms, elbows, myotensive techniques, lymphatic drainage, palpatory exploration …

Sport massage 

Renovating energies with different techniques and strong pressures. Focused for people with injuries or localized contractures, it is a manual physical means to improve the performance and care of the athlete, helping to prevent and avoid possible injuries, in addition to accelerating the recovery.

Thai massage 

Muscle stretching and on the proper use of the energy available to the body. It is a passive moment for you, has only to relax and breathe. It's made up of pressures and stretching movements. A moment of awakening for the psychocorporal consciousness.


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