Sindhu Deva

Sindhu Deva

Sindhu Deva

Born in Brazil, lived in 15 countries, travelled in 62 countries.

Graduated in the area of health - Naturology at the University of Santa Catarina (bachelor's degree - Unisul), 16 years with vibrational medicines (dowsing, radionics, floral, jungian art therapy, iris diagnosis, chromopuncture) consultory and retreats. Degree in Familiar Constellations, Floral, Tantra: meditations, Maithuna ritual, Rebirth, massages. Also Aromatherapy, Jungian Art Therapy, Oriental dances, Reiki master.

Graduation in Ginotherapy - healthCare of Women by Unipaz University in 2012. Teaching in the same course afterwards about sexuality wisdom.

Conduct retreats on many countries: Israel, Brasil, Egypt, Costa Rica, Italy..

Continue studying Traditions Matrifocals, mythologies, the ancestral knowledge of women in their pilgrimages around the world (62 countries).Documentaries about ancient women knowledge in ancient temples around the world.


Familiar and Systemic Constellations

Techniques that reveals the hidden structure of relationships in a system(family, entreprises, countries...) Bringing a solution by representing parts of the system with people or objects, we connect with the energies and information of those parts and with the system as a whole, receives information for that part through the body, even not knowing anything about it, even being the most cetic person. The constellation is like an oracle, but also bring solutions and understanding about any kind of relationship issues, misunderstoods! Can be applied for any kind of symptom in all areas of life!


Reading the iris of the eyes (studied in Naturopaths medicines - Unisul  University of Naturology in Brazil ).Through maps we can read and understand individual personal issues, physical constitution, psycho emotional, behave ..


Technique of ancient Egypt, through pendulums and graphics we can have a reading of morphogenetic fields, origin of symptoms and personal issues, chakras, psycho emotional patterns, and general responses of the Soul.

Musical crystal singing bowl and gongs

Deep cleansing in the soul through the sound bath of crystals, fluidized water! Excellent for immediate psycho emotional rebalancing, soul anchoring, chakra cleansing, kundalini ...

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