Tabitha Crook

Tabitha Crook

Tabitha Crook

Tabitha has been working with Resonance Repatterning since 2000. She has been dancing all my life and began training as a Movement Medicine teacher in 2011. She lives on beautiful, wild Dartmoor in England and is in the process of moving to Spain, with the vision of creating a zero waste home and being part of the regeneration of the Almerian desert. She loves dancing, singing, swimming in rivers and the sea. It feels like a miracle to still be alive and it is an honour to support people move into freedom.



Ecstatic Resonance

A unique synthesis that works like magic to support you to make the changes you want to see in your own life and in the world. It reveals to you that you are love and you can choose to gradually welcome all of who you are to move, breathe and keep spiralling up during these unpredictable times. It brings more joy, freedom, ease and the awareness that there is always hope, however challenging the current circumstances.

Extraordinary change is possible and can even be fun.

With Resonance Repatterning you can tune out of your problems and tune into your intentions.

With Movement Medicine you can have a direct experience of your interconnection with all of life.


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