Teresa Fernandes

Teresa Fernandes

Teresa Fernandes

Portuguese, 38 years old, living in Castelo Branco for 20 years, where she graduated in Engineering and Diagnostic Therapist in Cardiology. Since 2005 she dedicates herself to complementary therapies which are, among others: shiatsu, seitai, ayurveda, indian head massage, relaxation, Thai, aromatherapy, reiki, etc. In 2012 and 2016, she participated at the Boom Festival. In her leisure time, she is a member of a dance group that makes amateur dance performances and theatre.


Seitai massage

Japanese chiropractic promotes a realignment of the bone structure, joints, muscles and tendons. She appeared in the wars of the samurai, who needed treatment of injured and displaced members after training or battle.

Relaxing massage

Slips and kneading are used to reduce the stress of everyday life. It aims to stimulate the release of anti-stress hormones and muscle relaxation as well as improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

Ayurveda Massage Therapy

It is an ancient Indian massage. Abhianga is the typical Indian traditional style of massage therapy. It consists of manoeuvres of musculoskeletal, deep and superficial, with manipulations of joints and ligaments. It makes this technique an effective and safe method in the recovery of muscle elasticity and joint flexibility, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, revitalizes the body and relaxes the nervous system by bringing benefit to a general well-being of body and mind.

Shiatsu massage

It means massage with fingers. It is a combination of Chinese acupuncture with pressure on the muscles. It was created in Japan. The masseur uses his palm, thumb and fingers to apply pressure to various parts of the body, providing energy rebalancing.

Indian Head Massage or ShiroAbhyanga

It is a holistic art based on the ancient principles of Ayurvedic tradition practiced in India. It works on the physical, mental and energetic body. Their techniques are directed to the upper body, shoulders, arms, neck, head and face, or areas most vulnerable to the effects of stress and tension.


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