Tiago Govinda

Tiago Govinda

Tiago Govinda

Graduated in Occupational Therapy, within the health technologies considered to be  the most Holistic Therapy, Yoga teacher and Yogatherapist, has come since graduated, to work with people with the most varied health problems and functional and occupational difficulties, since the early years of Life to the elderly. He combines all his experience of working in a hospital and private context with adults and children, to his personal experience and work with himself. Creator and Facilitator of Co-Nectar Workshops and classes. Volunteer and seeker.

Specialized in approaching children with learning disabilities, developmental problems and often without a defined diagnosis. In addition to individual work with children, follow-up work with their parents is essential.
From the various practices that make up Yoga, to meditation, reiki, channeling, and other approaches, music, sound and movement, the meeting is conducted within what one needs in the moment always with respect for his individuality.



Heart Reconnection

In a safe environment and prepared to receive it in its fullness, we lead to an encounter between the physical body and the heart, the energetic center of Love, searching through guided processes for healing, natural energetic flow and unblocking emotional barriers.

Energetic Healing

We can learn the true cause behind the behavior and living standards associated with our health problems by exploring essential steps to achieve healthy habits and patterns and tools that help us in our day to day lives.

We have come to a time when more than cure a problem that manifests itself in the physical, we need to rescue our essence, reconnect with our inner and superior self, rescue health and find peace in our physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual development.

From the various practices that make up Yoga, meditation, reiki, and other approaches, ancestral and contemporary tools, energy it's everywhere and we are made of it, we just have to understand it, to move it, in order to heal a blockage.

Therapeutic Massage

The body speaks for itself as it has its own frequency and energy moving around. The pressure that it needs, the movement that it needs. the relaxation and alignment are just pieces of whole that wants to feel itself. More than just a massage or a rub, the therapy itself is an intuitive reading of what type of action or nonaction your body needs. You may just need pressure or a soft touch, or you may need movement or stillness. Letting the hands and body do the work, and energy itself do the healing.

Power animal channeling

Connecting to the soul level, therapist and client go through a journey on the spirit world, guided by our lives guides and beings of this realm, we can download information especially about our power animal, or spirit animal that is present on this moment of our lives trying to teach us something in our Path.


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