Valentino Bellusci

Valentino Bellusci

Valentino Bellusci

Medical doctor and a shaman, graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 2007, continued his studies in General Medicine and Emergency Medicine.

He implemented his medical knowledge studying Ayurveda Medicine and Homeopathy. He was traveling in India where he practiced yoga and meditation, and in South America where he met the ancient shamans of the Amazon Forest. In the past years he was blessed to meet Masters Shamans Starr Fuentes and learn from her profound knowledge coming from the mayan culture.

He left his career in Emergency Medicine to follow his heart wish to bring to light a deeper meaning for the word HEALING. He created a specific healing - 5 bodies healing - where the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and archetypical bodies are taken in consideration.



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Multidimensional Touch - 5 Bodies Massage

He uses Sacred Geometry and colours to work at the energetic-archetypal level and Ayurveda Massage to relax and energise your physical body.

A multidimensional touch is a contact that will allow you to relax the physical and spiritual structures at the same time, to allow spirit into matter and give matter back to spirit.

Use of shapes and colours to fine-tune with the need of your energy system right now:

do you want to relax more? or to activate your inner fire? maybe you want to clean your energy system from old stuck patterns?

This is just a silent blessing to your soul.


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