Venus Robertson

Venus Robertson

Venus Robertson

He is a 5 Elements Dance Facilitator and Ceremonialist working with energetic tools, body processes, sound healing, breathwork and conscious movement techniques to help create more ease, joy and balance in your body and life. Each session is a mini-journey to release resistance and activate more vitality, aiming to connect you to a greater sense of wholeness and possibility. His mission is to help raise the vibration of the individual to a sincere base reality of self-love so that each of us can begin to make more conscious choices, hence the world we live in coming more into balance. Whatever it takes, let us work with our shadows and let go of our stories so that we can really embody utopia.




Sathya Gtummo (Candali)

A type of safe channeling of Kundalini which harnesses the powerful psycho-physical energy moving through the body to where this inner heat (Tummo) can be directed towards specific areas in the physical, mental or emotional bodies for balancing and healing. Gives a distinct recharging effect for those who would like access to more energy and can activate your own capacities for perceiving the subtle realms, clear entities and also provide protection from negative energies.

Overthinkers (Access Bars)

Creates a release of the electromagnetic charge of your thoughts, feelings and emotions as stored in the brain, dropping you into deep relaxation & glitching your usual programming so that you can have space for the new to come into your life. Helps with anxiety, “monkey-mind” & overthinking, insomnia, focus, conditions that won’t heal, indecision, looping back to the past or re-creating relationship realities, self-doubt or just to feel expansive, more present and basically awesome. The worst that can happen is that you feel like you got a good massage, the best: your whole life could change.

Healing the Feminine (Creativity & Flow)

* This is for both women and men.

Works on undoing patterns and programs as taken on from the female side of our lineage plus aims to create balance and peace with the aspect of us that is feminine, our relationship to our mother (and the women in our lives) and to the part within all of us that holds a naturally feminine aspect: our creativity and flow. Invites a more distinct Heart and Womb or Hara (for men) connection, helping to open you to more of your creative abilities and intuition. If you are a woman it can also help with balancing menstrual cycles, increasing fertility, releasing pain and stories around sex/sexualness.

** All sessions involve a combination of sharing, guided meditation, energy flows and body work.


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