Vera started her spiritual path very young, questioning everything, and trying to find answers to her deepest existential questions.

In 2004 she started to practice Yoga - at this moment she surrendered herself totally to this path, and since then, she started to study Yoga deeply. She took several certifications, and in 2008, she dedicated herself to Iyengar Yoga.

Besides being a Yoga Teacher, soon she felt the call to explore and go deeper in this holistic journey.

She believes energy creates matter, and vice versa. As human beings, we emit certain vibration. This energetic field should be worked out and purified, in order to keep our body, mind and spirit peaceful and healthy.

In this way, she studied Macrobiotics, Essential Reiki, Magnified Healing, Multidimensional Therapy and Alchemy Aura’s Reading. She helps people cleaning their energy, their inner space and their path, and finding a balanced progression in their lives.




Multidimensional Therapy

Multidimensional Therapy (MT) is a deep healing through the heart with Light Beings in several dimensions (Multidimensional Therapy Teams). They work through the Heart Chakra, with energies of Peace, Forgiveness, accessing all dimensions, promoting healing in various expressions of being.

Old contracts, pacts and promises made in past lives, which may prevent the manifestation of free will, shall be rescinded. They will transmute and heal traumatic memories of actual and past lives, intra-uterine and karmic marks, removing all that inhibit the unconditional love. Cleansing of the emotional/mental bodies and rebalancing the chakras is also performed. Often the therapist is unaware of what is occurring, although some information might get through into his consciousness.

The Heart being portal of unique access to Unity of Divine Love, dissolves the karmic blockages removing what hinders the free circulation of Unconditional Love, allowing the expression of the Essence of the SELF to arise.

Alchemical Aura's Reading

The Aura is the energy field surrounding our physical body, reflecting our essence, character, health, emotional and mental state. It also contains a set of information, such as memories of past experiences, soul states, which can reveal patterns associated with the present moment, bringing understanding and giving information about projects being now created. It also allows a cleansing of the chakras (energy centers), readjusting their energy. Through the Aura's Reading we can understand how our choices and behaviors affect our lives and energy, and helps us to integrate that information. It provides relevant information to the person's awareness so that he/she can find the harmony and balance necessary for their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Throughout the Reading the person is in a perfectly conscious state. Through the awareness it provides, it's possible to conduct our goals and our existence in a more conscious and integrated way.

Essential Reiki

Reiki is a japanese technique, and is done by placing the hands on the person, assisting her in the process of healing. The act of laying hands on the human body to convey wellness or relieving pain is as old as instinct. When there is pain, the first thing we do is to place our hands on the painful region. The human touch conveys warmth, serenity, healing and love. This is Reiki. The living body radiates energy, the source of life itself - vital energy. If this energy is reduced, we get sick; if elevated, we are healthy. In Reiki, the therapist is connected with the divine, being only a channel through which the nergy flows., as he places his hands on the person chakras, helping them to re-balance. Reiki is above all, energy of Love. Universal Love, which heals and harmonizes.

Energetic Balance

In an Energetic Balance Session, the therapist gathers several techniques, trying to apply them according to each situation that finds. It starts by scanning the person's energy, checking his aura,his chakras, and where there are energetic blockages. It identifies which these blockages are, and once identified, it does an energy cleansing, so that everything returns to flow. This cleaning uses different techniques, which can be done with contact, without contact, visualizations, smokes, etc. At the end, a general cleansing is done, in order to balance the energy as a whole.



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