Yanis Paikos

Like many others, HE found alternative therapies when HE was searching for personal well- being, relief and healing. And in massage practice and bodywork he discovered even more: A way of being present, learning to communicate with touch, and embodying a deeper connection with myself and others. He has 5 years experience and his practice evolves and changes with him, and combined with Tai-chi, Alexander technique, music, dancing, and sitting in circles, it aids his quest to keep his heart soft and his spirit connected to the world. He approaches his clients with openness and care, and responds with an attentive touch and flow for a nourishing, joyful experience.

Rejuvenating full body massage

A relaxing and uplifting full-body massage, combined with long, flowing, nurturing strokes of Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage, using oils to suit your mood. It releases tension and revitalises body and mind.

Indian Head Massage

A calming and centering massage treatment of some of the most common areas of tension: head, neck, and shoulders. Performed on a seated position, on top of clothing without using oils (or it can be adapted to use oil or massage cream if preferred). It releases tension, and relieves fatigue and headaches, and the effects are felt throughout the body.


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