Younis Fakhfakh

He holds a Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Psychoanalytic Studies. During his time as a student, he began training in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Martial Arts and as a result of this became increasingly interested in physical therapies.

In 1998 his instructor in Doncaster introduced him to Amatsu, and indeed helped a back complaint he had at the time. From this time, he began studying the system and on returning to Ireland, completed his training with William Doolan in Dun Laoghaire in 2001. Since then he has done substantial postgraduate training in the system, including going out to Japan.

He has  also attended  seminars on other physical therapies (Structural Integration and Orthopaedic Massage). He is a qualified Bujinkan teacher, Tai Chi instructor and Cheng Hsin Trainer Today he runs busy clinics in Dublin and in Delvin, Co Westmeath.  


Amatsu (Japanese physical therapy)

Amatsu is a Japanese physical therapy whose ultimate aim is to restore balance and freedom of movement to the body. In doing so it is extremely effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

The treatment may be used curatively to treat a range of  conditions (structure governs function, ameliorate structure and function may be restored). It may also be used as a preventative measure or simply for relaxation. Diagnosis includes palpation, range of motion testing and Applied Kinesiology Muscle testing. Our therapeutic intervention involves four major areas.
These include:

  • Anma Jutsu: Soft tissue work, push-pull remedial massage into tight muscle tissues and acupoints.
  • Seitai Jutsu: Gentle limb and joint mobilisation technique.
  • Shinden Jutsu: Gentle ligament and organ massage.
  • Kenku Jutsu: balancing of the craniosacral system. gently removing tensions from the sutures of the cranium, and head on neck.

The treatment is gentle, relaxing and suitable for all ages.



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