Zephyr was born in Lisbon in October 1983. Since then he has been in contact with spiritual and scientific worlds. He always follows the star of compassion, and that is his true guiding light.

He was first initiated in reiki in 2008 where he refined his skills of compassion and gained a deeper connected with the other persons, obtaining a higher healing potential. In 2010 he started to work in familiar constellations. In his first experience he had do participate in 17 in one weekend. In the between I had many shamanic journeys, with the help of Ayauasca, Peiote and Tezmascal.  He also has experience with tantra that allows him to transmute energies with his body in a higher level.

In 2011 he started his journey in Tarot, creating a new system based on all the wisdom gained through all the experience, excelling in mapping emotions and feelings that need to be expressed.


Transcendental Tarot

In the beginning of each session, an emotional connection is established with the person involved. Emotions, feelings and thoughts that arise in the moment of reading, are treated with care, respect and compassion.

Transcendental Tarot is like a map where each card represents a “city” that I the key for the person’s psyche. Each card represents a group of feelings or emotions that can be transmitted to the one making the reading.

These energies are treated in the “now” and a great change is felt during the reading. Most of the feelings are good, strong and useful. Feelings like vitality, passion, love for life, between other may arise to the surface, as they are needed for the Transcendence of the person.

Shamanic Tarot

Works similarly to Transcendental Tarot, the difference being the cards used in the reading the Shaman’s Oracle deck.Intuitive readings done using these cards have a simpler format but with the added magic of the beautiful cave art-like paintings. It is divided into five suits, or Tribes: Spirits, Ancestors, Shamans, Hunters and Dancers.

This reading helps to reach out the deepness of the soul, and helps the ones that are trapped in a veil of illusions and need a way out. It helps you to reconnect to your ancestors in both earth and universe.

Mirror Dynamics

Imagine everything going on inside you taking place as a theatre on a stage. Now imagine taking a part of this theatre and playing it out in front of you. Based on techniques from family constellations, this powerful therapy is guided by therapists (the actors) who embody the diverse energies, be they internal or external, as necessary for your play.

You may now observe and analyse things as they play out in front of you and, with gentle guidance from the therapists, find a successful solution to the problem that troubles you. By exposing what isn't being seen you can free yourself from the shackles that bind you in the most complicated situations. Thanks to their experience in this area, these therapists can transform the densest of energies into light energies that will fuel you.

It is ideal for those that want to recover parts of themselves that were lost due to trauma, free themselves from negative people, situations or obsessions, as well as to open pathways in life.


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