Zsofi Joos

Zsofi Joos

Zsofi Joos

Life is healing - when he plays music (playing the violin and singing in Shai Dayan's project), when he leads dance meditation classes in Hungary and when he does Thai massage or sound therapy.

He has been working in the healing field since 2005. He is a certificated dance terapeutist , Reiki healer, and works as a musician and giving relax concerts using the healing power of the sounds. He also finished Thai massage school in 2012 and has been working as a masseur since then.


Thai massage and Reiki

In Thai massage we use a technique which give rest and lot of energy at the same time to your body. Giving physical impulses with the combination of intuitive taking care on the main energy lines of the body helps in releasing the blocks, stress and balancing the energy in the whole system. He can also give and space for just resting in recharging touch (with reiki) .


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