During his 20 years of career Manu has acquired great experience in electronic music. 

In 2000 he joined Boom Festival crew and in 2002 the Soniculture crew where he redefined his sound, directing his performances for the dance floor, never forgetting his influences, which includes ambient, techno, dub & punk. Along his career he has performed in some of the best national clubs like Lux, Ministerium, Vaticano, Gare and in many electronic festivals like Boom Festival, Festival Forte & NeoPop.

In addition to the career as a dj, he is dedicated to programming events and work as a curator with Boom Festival, Soniculture, Jardim da Estrela, Sagrada Familia, Coa, Giv Lowe & Acid Sundays-Eka.

Out of Portugal he acted in several clubs and festivals in Spain, England, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Morocco, Angola, India, China & Hong Kong.
Manu's sets provide sensory experiences with the public, traveling between deep, hypnotic, psychedelic, acid, dense and immersive sounds."



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