Gabriel Gomes

Gabriel is a musician, DJ and producer, born in 1966 in Lisbon. In 19 he embarked on a journey with Os Dias da Madredeus, who became an international reference of portuguese music in the 90's. He left Madredeus in 1996 and explored what he had been fascinated for since 1989 already - the new language and tools of the digital world. From 1995 he met in lisbon a new generation of dancers and electronic music lovers. As a DJ, with the name Monogatari, along with GoodMood, he organized the first psychedelic trance parties in Portugal. He curated the first Chill Out areas until the first festival, which he named Boom Festival. In 1998 he had the opportunity of working along Assírio Alvim and Rodrigo Leão to realize one of his most appreciated oeuvres, 'Os Poetas'. Right after, he launched his first electronic music album, Project OM. Since 2001, he has been visiting other worlds with his band Tjak.


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