X Tigma

X Tigma


Ambient/Chill-Out and Psychedelic Goa Trance music curator and Dj.

Pedro Dias'  first contact with electronic music dates back to 1991; since then he has been an unconditional enthusiast and dedicated music collector. In 1997 he attended Boom Festival's first edition, which played a major role in confirming his favourite aesthetics - Goa and Psychedelic Trance/Ambient and Chill-Out.

In 1999, with a group of like-minded friends, they founded Quest4Goa, Psytrance/Chill Out event promoters; their happenings became known for more than a decade in the land known as Portugal and further afield.

His dj activities began at this point, playing at events in both Chill/Dance areas as label dj, first with Divine Mission collective and soon after creating the acronym x_tigma [x_ t.rance i.n .g.eo m.agnetic a.ction].

Exploring eclectic and experimental approaches: his performances aim to vibrate and tune minds and bodies to a common elevated frequency, with unexpected and driving atmospheres.

Through the years he has become known for crafting exquisite opening sets as well as unpredictable closing sets, this journeys stand out as original, deep, and psychedelic.



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