Dance Temple

Dance Temple

"There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres." - Pythagoras


The tapestry of the Dance Temple is woven by an infinite symmetrical arrangement. The threads of its sacred geometric formation outlines its definitive structure: a catalyst for spiralling, vibrational patterns of colour, light, energy, sound.

It’s where the magic can really take form. To manifest it, is to realise the existence of a truly intelligent universe. Resonate with the invisible strings of life: Fibonacci or the Flower of Life, Golden Ratios or Platonic Solids, Orbital Patterns or Hexagonal Clouds, Organic Shapes with mind blowing art and decor.

So from dusk till dawn, from dawn till dusk, we’ll be playing our individual parts in the collective cosmic dance. Each day will begin with an organic trance band playing natural indigeneous instruments: igniting the ancient tribal spirit and ancestral memory, honouring the sacred space of the Dance Temple - and welcoming contemporary productions that will flow with the orbital movement of the Sun.

Hypnotic and deeply meditative, dark and forest, these are the vibes that will accompany the mysticism of the Moon until the first shards of light bring in the transitional sounds of twilight. And then under the warmth of the Sun, we will experience the luminous and ecstatic properties of psytrance, full-on, classic goa trance, its nu school adaptation, and progressive psytrance.

And while you’re there throwing shapes in the air, hopefully the urge to snap a selfie will melt into complete insignificance and you will continue to whirl and twirl like a dervish! The power of transcendental dance makes magic happen. This is what makes Boom a Collective Experience.

So ditch your ego, forget your national identity (we kindly ask you not to bring national flags to Boom Festival) and detach from social conditioning. Be here NOW, disconnect your cell phones, your electronic devices, offer yourself to others and to nature. You Will Be More Connected When You Disconnect.

Let’s enjoy this ancient future world of cosmic wisdom, cultivate soul connection and traverse the galactic axis to Venus and back!

Online application to participate in the 2018 Dance Temple program are closed. We are deeply grateful to all those who sent their proposals!