Headroom (1H30 Set)

Headroom (1H30 Set)


In 2001, Zimbabwe born Adam Metcalfe moved to Cape Town, South Africa, and fell in love with psy trance. By 2004 he had begun to produce and perfect his sound, striving for the best quality production in high tech trance, keeping it fun, psychedelic and a little bit twisted.

With the release of his 2008 album, “Artelligent”, his unique offbeat and forward- thinking sound captivated festivals and parties worldwide, sparking a non-stop whirlwind of international gigging. Today he has solidified himself as one of South Africa’s most prolific EDM producers, ranking 5th in DJ MAG’s 2012 Top SA DJ’s. 2014 sees Headroom locked away in his studio, working on his highly anticipated 2nd album.

Headroom’s unique sound has captivated festivals and parties worldwide. Live/DJ sets in Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, France, Greece, Belgium, Australia, Hungary, Germany, England, America, Russia, Holland and South Africa prove his style knows no borders!

Headroom likes to break the realm of the expected. He has been ‘eyes wide shut – ears wide open’ in his studio, working on a new tale to add to his offbeat sound story with a positively new chapter coming your way soon. Headroom embraces the rush of a energetic crowd, in full emotion.


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