Vertical (1H Set)

Vertical (1H Set)


Vertical is the internationally established psytrance project of Joonas Lehtinen, from Finland. The project saw daylight around 2007 and after few years of working on the sound and sending demos, he caught the interest of Giuseppe from Parvati Records. Soon after his debut appearance on a Parvati compilation in 2009, he played his first gig outside Finland in Marseille (France) in the new year 2010. With the help of Parvati Records and guest appearances on other Labels, he started to get more bookings in many legendary events and to grow a bigger fan base within the scene.

During the past years he has performed across Europe, Brazil, Japan, India and the United States of America,  from club events to big festivals - Ozora, Hadra, Modem and Soulvision, to name just a few.

Vertical music is known for its wide spectrum of styles and moods, never really remaining within one formula but aiming to push the boundaries of psytrance with his signature sound and new ideas.



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