Zen Mechanics (1H30 Set)

Zen Mechanics (1H30 Set)


Zen Mechanics is the psychedelic trance outfit of Wouter Thomassen, born and raised in Holland, but currently dividing residency between the lush subtropical Byron Bay, Australia and his homeland.

Fueled by a passion for all things electronic and psychedelic, and his love for this new party culture that started blossoming in the squats and underground clubs in Amsterdam, he and his mates started putting on parties and DJ-ing (stuff ranging from Detroit Techno, Ambient, Krautrock to Goa Trance) and it wasn't long till he became highly active in the Dutch underground scene, frequently playing squat/forest parties and now legendary venues such as Trance Buddha, Paradiso, Ruigoord and The ELF.

Drawing from his 12 year experience as a DJ he formed Zen Mechanics around 2003 and started working on a style that fuses elements of Progressive, Full-on, Ambient & Breaks into a powerful and groove-driven sound brimming with vibe and atmosphere and tailor made for the big open air dancefloors. A sound characterised by heavy droning bassline propulsion, geometric, angular riffs, soulful pads and laced with samples referencing psych/shamanic/cyberpunk/counter-culture.

With a string of releases and remixes under his belt (on labels such as Iboga, Nano, Alchemy, Aleph Zero, Flow, Neurobiotic and Iono) and collaborations with artists like Perfect Stranger, Ace Ventura, Dick Trevor, Headroom, Allaby, Tristan, Ritmo, Avalon and many more, he has become one of the scene's most in demand artists.

His acclaimed debut album “Holy Cities” was released by Neurobiotic in 2008, topped the Beatport charts for weeks and landed him a nomination for best Psytrance artist for the annual Beatport awards and also garnered support from more mainstream DJ’s such as Christopher Lawrence & John 00 Fleming, who licensed his tracks for the Ministry of Sound label. "Holy Cities" was followed by a remix CD “Re:modified”, containing remixes by some of the scene’s top artists.

For years now he's been traveling the global Psychedelic Trance circuit nonstop, rocking dancefloors far and wide. From underground bush doofs & desert parties to virtually every major festival on the planet, such as Universo Paralello (Br), Ozora (Hu), Boom (Pt), Glade (UK) Solstice (JP), Nagisa (Jp), Rainbow Serpent (Aus), Eclipse (Ca), Vortex (SA), Mountain Madness (Nepal), Time & Space (Mex), Vuuv (Ger), Sonica (It), Tribe (Br), Antaris (Ger), and Virada Cultural, playing for 80.000 ppl in the streets of Sao Paulo.

Besides all this, Wouter has applied his signature style over multiple genres and projects, such as ZENTURA; his recently formed project with Progressive heavyweight Ace Ventura (signed to Iboga records), his Ambient project TRANSMISSIONS IN BLOOM, and more Tech/Progressive oriented stuff together with DJ SAAF under the guises of SPANNER and CITIZEN on Flow records, for which they also compiled the “Uncharted” CD. In 2012 he launched the SOURCECODE label together with fellow Dutch veterans and compiled the labels first compilation (Sourcecode Transmissions vol.1), and is currently working on the new Zen Mechanics album.


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