Eco Tech Hub

Eco Tech Hub

The planet is going through some tough times, and there are actually a lot of people out there who come up with really good ideas on how to fix them - on a small scale. Step-by-step, this is how actual change is likely to be achieved!

The Eco Tech Hub is the space where individuals, startups, collectives or simply groups of enthusiasts can share their passion and know-how with the rest of the world. It serves as a space for these independents that have thought up ground-breaking environmental projects, yet lack a proper platform on which to promote them.

Here, Boomers can learn about eco-tech tools and projects that are still at the developmental stage, and can include fields such as permaculture, bio-construction, health and nutrition, water treatment solutions, urban and organic agriculture or renewable energies. As states of consciousness flourish during the Boom experience, it presents itself as the perfect opportunity to make known some of the latest - and finest new technologies, ideas, approaches and environmental projects.

Support the Change. BE the Change.

Online applications for the Eco Tech Hub 2018 are closed. Thank you to all who presented their eco-technologies and inventions!