ALBERT HOFMANN: THE EYE OPENER (75th anniversary discovery LSD)

ALBERT HOFMANN: THE EYE OPENER (75th anniversary discovery LSD)

ALBERT HOFMANN: THE EYE OPENER (Celebration of the 75th anniversary since the discovery of LSD)

Albert Hofmann is known as the discoverer of LSD. But what kind of man was the famous chemist? How did he live before his LSD discovery? In which environment was he at home? Who was his wife Anita, and what role did she play? What was the world view of the natural scientist and later mystic and natural philosopher Albert Hofmann like?

Chris Heidrich and Roger Liggenstorfer, close friends of Albert and Anita Hofmann for many years, will lead us on the discovery and the least known side of this extraordinary person in an exciting slide lecture, covering his entire life till he dies at 102. Including when at 94 years old he visited a Goa party for the first time!

On the occasion of his 100th birthday, he was honoured as one of the most important chemists of the 20th century at a major international LSD congress in Basel. “If there were to be a council of wise men”, said the then Federal President of Switzerland in his congratulations to Albert Hofmann, “you would have to be a member of it”.

Roger Liggenstorfer (Bio)

Born in Switzerland. Member of the Municipal Council for the Green Party/Solothurn. In 1984 he founded Nachtschatten Verlag in Solothurn after travelling in India, a publishing house, which edited many of Hofmann works. Since then committed to the education, harm reduction and controlled legalisation of drugs. In 2014 he was involved in the psychedelic-scientific congress celebrating 30 years of Nachtschatten Verlag.

He was for 25 years a close friend of Albert and Anita Hofmann as his publisher.

Chris Heidrich (Bio)

Grown up in Hanover, Germany. She is an architect, but also trained in geomancy. She is passionate about fair trade construction and scenography design. She is currently living in Switzerland, work as an architect, independent scientist and translator for consciousness expanding literature.

Her latest project involves women architects in Cuba, in order to promote gender equality.


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