Audacious Activism: how to be a bold, badass and balanced movement builder

Audacious Activism: how to be a bold, badass and balanced movement builder


In a 1987 Rolling Stone interview Timothy Leary said that this is “the best-educated generation in history and they've got a brain dressed up with nowhere to go”. Today, we’re even more educated and it often feels like the shrinking space for resistance, for alternatives has shrunk.

However, Activism is experiencing a renaissance, and people are starting to show up in numbers, to give a voice to their beliefs, that #BlackLivesMatter, that #TimesUp, that we finally go #FossilFree. However activism is in peril of being reduced to a hashtag or colour-coded awards ceremonies.

Come join a participatory session that will dissect contemporary activism, offer up inspiration & implementable ideas and show you that movement building can be unexpectedly exciting! 

We will aim to cover the basics of movement ecology, the jargon, the concepts, the ins and outs of what makes a movement a movement; Audacious Activism & not-so-audacious activism, diverse approaches to activism & how to use Systems Thinking as an activist; Storytelling and how language ant the art communication can make or break a social movement; Finding funding and how to resource a grassroots movement effectively.

Ivan J (Bio)

Ivan has worked as a community organiser for indigenous rights & against extractive industries in West Africa, Argentina, Paraguay & Brazil. He draws upon years of experience as a campaigner & communications strategist for Greenpeace, Oxfam & Impact Hub, and is currently working with the activist/grassroots movement focused Guerrilla Foundation in order to support, promote, develop & reframe activism across Europe.

Ivan is a massive Tolkien nerd, sci-fi junkie, psychedelics advocate, camping addict & can often be found reading poetry in a hammock, preferably near a waterfall. 


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