Party Like A Feminist! Gender Equality and Consent In Party Settings

Party Like A Feminist! Gender Equality and Consent In Party Settings


(Discussion panel)

 Nightclubs, parties and festivals work as privileged moments in young people’s social lives and socialisation and help develop and affirm social bonds. However they may, and often do, reproduce multiple forms of inclusion and exclusion. Within these settings, gender asymmetries are continuously reproduced and, frequently, exacerbated. This is easily verifiable by the systematic use of hyper sexualised female imageries in mainstream nightlife promotional material, for example. 

 The objectification of the female body is a symptom of a nightlife culture where gender-based sexual violence is naturalised and embraced. In nightlife settings, both men and women are encouraged to "lose control” and this often results in women being expected to integrate sexual harassment as part of their clubbing experiences, with little attention to the meaning and practice of consent. 

 With this panel we aim to promote a reflection and discussion around the dynamics between women and men in nightlife leisure environments and present strategies to promote a transition to more equalitarian and safe experiences.


Helena Valente is a feminist working mother that advocates for safer, healthier and more equalitarian nightlife settings. Helena began working with people that use drugs in 2004, particularly in nightlife settings and has a vast experience coordinating national and European projects in the nightlife area and drug intervention fields. At the moment she is a researcher and PhD. Candidate at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the Porto University in Portugal, and a founding member of Kosmicare association. 

Cristiana Vale Pires is graduated in Psychology, MA and PhD in Anthropology. In the last 9 years she has been researching, working and coordinating different harm reduction projects targeting people who use alcohol and illicit drugs in nightlife recreational environments. In the last 2 years she began researching about the relationship between nightlife recreational environments, drug use and sexual violence and she has been involved in the design of innovative intervention responses to promote equality and security in these settings. Currently she collaborates with the Kosmicare Association being nightlife governance her area of interest.

Liana Sananda is a lifetime activist for social justice, drug policy reform, anti war, and the environment. She has worked in event, festival, and film production; artist representation, art curation and art creation. She has produced parties and art happenings for numerous special events and festivals, including several High Times Cannabis Cups, MAPS Conferences, Envision Festival, Serenity Festival, Sonic Bloom, and Fractal Planet at Burning Man.

Isis van der Wel has been a professional dj and producer for the past 26 years making her one of the female pioneers in electronic dance music worldwide. Isis interest in the shamanic approach of repetitive dance culture has grown throughout the years. Since 2000 she's been involved in the organisation of events such as All is One, Magneet Festival and Mandala festival. From 2010-2012 Isis was elected Ambassador of Nightlife (Nachtburgemeester) of Amsterdam.


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