Prayerformance: celebrating human spirit beyond borders

Prayerformance: celebrating human spirit beyond borders


Music, songs and stories as tools for bridging diverse nationalities, religions and backgrounds. Eeryone is welcome to take part in this multicultural music journey!

Join Gabriel in a music journey through original and sacred songs, stories of cross - cultural bridges, peacemaking and humor, beyond enemy lines. Together we co-create a spontaneous community, where music facilitates the peaceful coming together and mutual recognition and respect among different religions and nationalities.

Gabriel Meyer Halevy (Bio)

Born in Cordoba, Argentina. Gabriel travels the globe performing his music, leading sacred music workshops, interfaith & multicultural facilitation. Gabriel is the founder of the Sulha Peace Project, a grassroots reconciliation program rebuilding trust between neighbors in Israel and Palestine through events and workshops that facilitate deep human connections. 

Sulha events are attended by a great diversity of people representing all the spiritual traditions in the region (Christians, Druze, Jews, Muslims, Sufis, etc.), including many from the West Bank and a small number (as many as are allowed to cross the border) from Gaza. Gabriel is now touring with his first solo album: The Human Project.

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