Psychedelic Stories: Storytelling from Beyond

Psychedelic Stories: Storytelling from Beyond


"The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms." - Muriel Rukeyser

The recent boom in psychedelic science has inspired so many of us. Yet while the data are important, it's stories that change hearts and minds. Join us as festival speakers and artists come out of the psychedelic closet and share personal accounts of deeply meaningful experiences with psychedelics.

Hear everything from tales of transformation to trips of terror. And maybe step up to the mic to share one of your own...

Mike Margolies (Bio)

Mike is an event/media producer and connector in psychedelic science, drug policy reform, harm reduction, and blockchain. Mike is Co-founder of CryptoPsychedelic, Psymposia Magazine, and the Baltimore Psychedelic Society. 

He actively builds psychedelic community by bridging people and organizations including MAPS, DPA, SSDP, DanceSafe, and Psychedelic Societies around the world. Mike has produced and participated in international conferences, festivals, and events from Burning Man to Prague to Tulum, Mexico.

Mareesa Stertz (Bio)

An LA-based filmmaker, host of the Merry Jane Series, ‘The Healing Powers’, and KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher who's spent most of her life trying to unravel the mysteries of emotional trauma and how to better live in relationship to self and others.

She is passionate about informing the world about the benefits of psychedelics and helping people gain access to healing.  Her mission is to see an end to the War on Drugs and re-shape the public's understanding of the important role psychedelics play in improving lives.   Her works have been featured on Viceland, Participant, 60secdoc, Merry Jane, and featured in festivals worldwide.


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