The source code of medicinal plants: the healing potential of geometric resonance

The source code of medicinal plants: the healing potential of geometric resonance

The source code of medicinal plants: the healing potential of geometric resonance

A journey into Sacred Geometry and how it can be found in everything that surrounds us. Sacred geometry is a system of laws to which all of nature complies. This does not mean there is one formula creating every shape in existence but that there are certain laws to which these formulas abide. And within these laws there lies the potential to make infinite shapes and forms. 

When manifestation divides itself from the all-encompassing oneness, first there is the “formula,” which gives birth to a “code” that shapes reality.

Human beings are composed of many different codes, in the forms of colors, shapes, smells etc. Underneath this layer, we are all connected in unity of the great white light. In other words: creation is like a song composed of many notes, chords, scales. And as with music, you can make infinite songs combining these factors but still remaining in the same ‘key’. However, there will always be notes, chords and passages that won't fit and will sound very bad in the song.

This is where disease starts to manifest. First maybe only at an energetic level, but this may ground itself more and more into thoughts, emotions, character traits and physical manifestation. Plants are exactly like us in this perspective: they are also a song which can be influenced positively or negatively, by other plants but also by humans.

In this talk, Aldo will lead us on a journey to discover the process that gives birth to plants or a person, how can they help each other to re-tune each other into their own harmonious song? How do Amazonian shamans explain this? How they heal using plants, singing and shapes to retune people.

But also will give examples how in the latest technology we find for example changes in the shape of veins before a cancer appears. How this correlates with the physical shape of plants, in other words how the doctrine of signatures applies to this field.

Aldo Hakman – Phytonaut, owner at BioFineChemicals, co-creator of Nightwatch

Working with medicinal plants actively since the age of 12, he has been studying many kinds of Herbalism. From the animistic viewpoint of shamanic tradition to the more elemental based teachings of Alpine tradition. But also walking the more academic path of biochemistry and Phytotherapy. Finding out everybody is talking about the same thing from their own viewpoint, he is always looking how these teachings can supplement each other in the development of new products.



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