We Are All: Inclusivity in Boom

We Are All: Inclusivity in Boom


How do we make sure that all people with different needs are catered for at festivals and other cultural events? Claudia and Cristina will present Boom Festival's Special Needs program and how it aims at integrating every participant. We are All, yes, but to make that happen we need to include all different cases, exceptions, minorities, no matter how challenging it can be!

In this presentation we will learn about Boom’s Special Needs program (now in its third edition) to make sure that all people with different needs than the majority are catered for, so that the festival can reach a comprehensive integration for all participants and team members, reinforcing our sense of connection, relation and balance.

People on wheelchairs, women in the last months of pregnancy, blind or deaf people, etc…

It must be thought that the largest minority in the world is made up of people with disabilities. Through this social project, the aim is to achieve a full feeling of comprehensive integration for all publics and participants in cultural and artistic evens, promoting the upgrade of festivals, among others, reinforcing a sense of connection, inclusion, relationship and balance.

Claudia Nobrega (Bio)

The project manager at Boom’s Special Needs program. She is an activist for social inclusion in Portugal, and the president of In'Klu:siv, which is now shaking the government by challenging its laws on inclusivity.

Cristina (Bio)

Cristina is a sociologist and dancer. She is passionate about “Inclusive Dance” which aims at providing all people with the possibility to dance. She is co-founder of In'Klu:siv with Claudia, to contribute to making more accessible arts, culture, sport, education and tourism.


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