WOMAN STANDS SHINING - Rediscovering the “original instructions”: indigenous wisdom in service of thriving life

WOMAN STANDS SHINING - Rediscovering the “original instructions”: indigenous wisdom in service of thriving life


The paradigm we have been living in for the past centuries has become obsolete, as we are now finally realizing that not only it is leading towards the destruction of Mother Earth, but it is also creating an unhealthy imbalance between the masculine and feminine polarities inside of us and disconnecting us from the web of life that nurtures us and guide us.

The current paradigm is based on a piramydical structure reinforcing a hierarchical way of living that places privilege and power only in the hands of those on the top. What if the indigenous knowledge carefully guarded by communities and tribes around the world held the key to rediscover the ancient circular way to look at reality? What if we had the chance to hear the “old story” again, the “original instructions” according to which the feminine shares authority with the masculine in a functional polarity and nature is revered as a sacred community of beings and spirits that all together collaborate for the sustaining of life on this planet?

In this presentation Pat will lead us on the rediscovery of the “old story”, the sacred way of the North American indigenous wisdom. With her we will get an ever so precious chance to witness what happens when the original truth is spoken again, when the lies that have been informing and deforming western culture are revealed for what they are, so that the beauty and harmony of creation can stand shining again in their undisputable, timeless truth:

“Prophesy said that one day the world would get lost, and that it would hunger for the Truth of Thriving Life once again, and at that time, the pieces of the Original Instructions, that had been safeguarded for all this time, would be brought out once again.”

This will be a Keynote Presentation, followed by Talking Circle in the NGO space the following day.

Pat McCabe (Bio)

Woman Stands Shining is of the Diné Nation, residing in Taos, New Mexico. She is a mother contributing four sons to the Sacred Men’s Nation and one Daughter to the Sacred Women’s Nation on behalf of Thriving Life. Trained to attune to the Instruction of the Mother Earth during menstruation, she has been enacting these Instructions for how to be and move at this time. Much of her work has been in the remembering and reframing of the spiritual capacity of Women’s Nation, largely hidden, misrepresented, or distorted.

Her instruction led her to convene a healing ceremony to realign the “archetypal wounding to humanity” that occurred during what is referred to as “the witch hunts” in Europe. A primary interest at this time is in the remembering/recreation of the vocabulary, narrative, and understanding of the language of the Sacred Masculine.

The second “archetypal wounding of humanity” she is called to consider is the healing of humanity’s head long dive into material science, reductionist thought, or “western Science” as our principal modality of knowing, and basis for participating in “reality.” This has been at the expense of the Feminine Principle of the ancient sciences of receiving understanding from the other/more-than-human.


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