Museum of Visionary Art

Museum of Visionary Art

From ancient times to the digital age, from shamans to hippies – whenever human beings pushed open the doors of perception, it inspired them to manifest their visual experience in an unique art form. The Museum of Visionary Art is dedicated exclusively to this art form, in all its contemporary splendour.

Putting the idea of an art gallery in the context of an open air festival might seem a little adventurous – but then again Boom as a whole is adventurous, isn't it? That's what happened in 2006 when Boom launched its first visionary art gallery. 

Fast forward to 2018! The Museum of Visionary Art is actually quite a logical step in the evolution of the festival. With a long tradition of live paintings, workshops and exhibitions; the visual appearance of Boom has been shaped by countless visual artists. It's a two-way thing with many of these artists inspired by the Boom experience too.

The Museum of Visionary Art is a place to showcase this dynamic process in a way that is just as sophisticated and beautiful as the art itself.

Visiting this cosmic gallery is like a journey through the history of psychedelic and visionary art, its influences and techniques. It's a mesmerizing collection of Amazonian and indigenous Medicine Art, Tibetan Buddhist Tradition, Electro Mineralism, Flemish Technique and Visionary Activist Art alongside with modern styles like Digital Fusionism, Sacred Geometry, Visionary Psytrance Deco Art, Visionary Graffiti Art.

Online applications to participate at Boom Festival 2018 as a Painter are closed. We are deeply grateful to all who sent us their proposals!