The fusion of the ancient and the modern. How can we learn from the past and keep evolving to something new. The paradigmas of a new culture that is rising up, bring many questions, difficult decisions upon so many choices, massive information.

Where to go? How to relate with the world? How to maintain connected with the nature in the middle of so much technology.

This performance brings this character into the music and the dance, that are the source of this new tribe that find all their answers in expressing themselves through something that was never lost and is the symbiosis of this past with future and can only happens in this present moment.


A band that born in Auroville, India in 2010.They came back  to Portugal in 2013. The project envolves different aspects of arts, ecology and community living. The music and dance represents the soul of the group that has an authentic approach to everything they do .Their concerts and performances engages the audience in a trip throughout  ancient cultures, exotic sounds,hypnotic movements.They have been playing in many Festivals around Europe and at Boom they will present a new performance based in the Afro -Contemporary world, based on their experience and time they spend in Senegal, Burkina Faze and Mali.


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