Dancing Lotus

Dancing Lotus

Dancing Lotus

This production is based on a research around the Hindu and Greek mythology, looking for bridges between East and West and ancient traditions ,recognizing the similarities and contradictions characteristic of Mythology.

The performance is based on the parallel manifestations between the Divine conduct and Human conduct, through the representation of the divine archetypes in the language of dance.

The movement is inspired by ancestral dances practiced in the temples of India and south east Asia, dissolving in two bodies and minds of the 21st century, in a smoth and organic language .

An imaginary is created that portrays the horrendous and the beautiful simultaneously, the creation and destruction, life and death, love and sex, duality without judgment. Celebrating the Breath of the Divine in Human Creation, the Woman retakes her timeless facet of incarnate Goddess manifesting through ritual dance, the Divine is represented uniting Man and God in a single being.

Dancing Lotus because muddy water are associated with attachment and carnal desires, and the immaculate flower that blooms over this water is in search of light , purity and spiritual upliftment, in this way, this two amphibious dancers, emerge from the waters and become beings without specific gender nor identity, such metamorphosis happens due to evocations ,sacrifice and ritual payed to of the cult of Dionysus and Shiva.

The Diana Rego Dance Company

This company was born in 2010 in Lisbon and is being defined as a collective creation project that has as its starting point a vast research work on ancestral cultures of various peoples who preserve in their musicality, dance and tradition , two thousand years of history, and the arrival point of the assimilation of this creative reality, by dancers and interpreters of the 21st century.


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