'Bharatech’ is a visionary journey through the sacred geometry of indian dance, aboard a brand new flying temple from the ancient land of Bharata. Moving holograms dances with synchronized body isometries and techno rhythms for a unique experience of Shiva Nataraj, the cosmic dancer. An evolutionary transformation from the three basic dots to a star tetrahedron, expanding into a multidimensional space time that reveals the shape of a Vimana, sanskrit word to indicate a "populated place artificially constructed". 'That which can fly from one place to another is a Vimana', this statement from an ancient hindu book explains the function of a cosmic vehicle. Bharatech invites you for a multicolored contemplation of dance, music and sacred geometry visuals.

Bharatech is a new media dance production by Indiemotion Art

Concept, choreography and performance: Kaartik

Visual design: IEOIE

Music recomposed: Lorenzo Castellarin

Stage and costume design: Kàartik

Light design: Federico Petrei


Performance artist, dancer, actor and creative director Kàartik was born in 1980 in Trieste as Denny Fiorino. Kàartik is the spiritual name received in India as a certified Yoga teacher and today become his stage name. Graduated at a school of art he studied theater in Italy and contemporary dance in New York searching for that unique blend of architecture, design and performing arts that marks his own productions.

With a strong interest for fashion and body art he collaborates with fashion designers, make up artists and photographers, creating unique stage costumes and styling for editorials. Specialized researcher of indigenous traditions and new technologies he founded Indiemotion Art a creative platform where east meet west through body expression. On this scene he envisioned the retro futuristic journey of Bharatech a unique new media and dance performance where he interact with holographic sacred geometries. Electronic dance music is the tapestry where he prefer to weave together costume design, dance and visuals for a cross-disciplinary experience.



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