Fusion Bellydance

Fusion Bellydance

Fusion Bellydancer


Moony Orchidaceae

She started dancing in 2012, Tribal Fusion Bellydance and she totally fell in love with it. She realised that she wanted to know more about the roots of this Artform so she started to study Bellydance and Ats. At the time she was also attending to Jazz and Ballet classes at the studio.

At the beginning it was just a hobby, but right away she realised that she wanted to do it professionally. In the middle of 2012, she joined "Aliqua" a Bellydance Troup formed by me and two other members. They started to perform as a Street Artists in the beautiful city of Lisbon and in various places such as bars, weddings, Bellydance shows, competitions (...).

In 2013 she met Piny Orchidaceae, as she was attending to her Urban fusion classes. It was her first contact with urban dance styles. A few months later Mantab studio closed, and she moved to another school, where Piny was teaching too. There was a huge offer of dance styles. From Urban styles to Contemporary, Ballet, Salsa (...).

She started to study House, Hip-Hop, Popping, Jazz...I was trying a lot of differents styles so she could find what was more into to it. Around that time Piny invited me to join Orchidaceae Urban Tribal Crew. It was a huge opportunity and a gift from the universe. Since then she had the opportunity to study with all Orchidaceae members and work together as a group. Sharing, experimenting, creating and performing. They  have been travelling in Europe for some Tribal Fusion Festivals, but also performing in Portugal (TribaLX, Andanças...). She also had the opportunity to grow as a Solo dancer and as a Teacher.

Tribal Fusion and Bellydance are her dance roots, so she has been learning from different teachers, nationals and internationals, so she can receive different influences. But since she joined Orchidaceae, she found another passion, House dance.

Nowadays she has been focusing more in Bellydance and House and blending these two dance styles.




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