Indian Fusion Bellydance

Indian Fusion Bellydance

Indian Fusion Bellydance


Chantelle Gomez

An international performing dance artist from Portugal who has dedicated her life to dance after moving to India in 2008 to train in Odissi, Classical Indian Dance. Alongside the dance path, she is also a serious practitioner of Classical Hatha Yoga.

Having a nomad spirit, she travels every year to San Francisco to study and perform dance. Chantelle is now well versed in Tribal Fusion Bellydance and Persian Mystical Dance and, has created a blend of all styles called ‘Indian Fusion Bellydance’,  that shows her unique approach to dance that represent her true essence.

Chantelle is based in Goa, India and is the programmer of Nataraj Dance Stage and the creator/director of ‘Jiya, Festival da India’. The first festival dedicated to promoting Indian Performing Arts in Portugal.

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