Intro to Tajik Dance

Intro to Tajik Dance

Intro to Tajik Dance


Tajikistan has a thousand-year cultural heritage - music, dance, poetry, philosophy. Tajik dance differs by special unique movements, with certain meaning.

The melody and rhythm are intertwined in movements as a male and female beginning and create a story filled with beautiful deep feelings. "Taj" is translated from Persian as the Crown. Tajikistan unites several nationalities who occupy the territory  from the highest mountains in the world to the most beautiful flowering valleys. The land is sung about by Rumi, Omar Khayam and other Sufi poets. The Tajik dance combined the beauty of these mountains and the wisdom of these people.


"My roots are from Central Asia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and all my work is imbued with the spirit of the ancient wisdom of my ancestors and a majestic beauty of my land. Onstage, I strive to be an ambassador of their authentic culture and through the universal language of a dance unveil the very essence of it to the hearts of the people. I want my dance to be a revelation that is woven from rhythms and melodies, from the stars and dust, from what was and is and always be."

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