Rajasthani Kalbeliya Gypsy Dance

Rajasthani Kalbeliya Gypsy Dance

Rajasthani Kalbeliya Gypsy’ Dance 


Rajasthan is a magical land with a culture that offers passionate songs and devotional dances from the dawn of gypsy culture, full of immense charm and potency. Joyful, wild and sensuous, the Kalbeliya gypsy dancers accentuate the movements of a serpent and their lives connected to the raw red Earth. Emphasis is on technique as well as cultural and spiritual contexts of the dance.

Suitable for all level dancers, the approach to spinning is suited to each participant.

Schirin Chams Diba

 A dancer, yogini, mystic woman and world-traveller from the heart. Through her Persian heritage, she has been exposed to the mysticism, arts, music and culture from the Orient since a young age. Her family is rooted in Tabriz. So is Shams-e-Tabriz (the Great Mystic Rumi's Sufi master) with whom she shares not only origins but also the name. Early on in her path of sacred movement, Schirin intuited the esoteric commonalities between Yoga and various sacred, classical and folkloric dance forms from the Near East, Central Asia and India. She has been an avid disciple of Yoga, Sufism, Shamanism and the Sacred Feminine Arts. Bringing together all these riches has led her to develop her method for ‘Essence of the Feminine- Dance, Yoga, Mystical Arts & Medicine of the Feminine’.


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