Claudio Carbone

Claudio Carbone

Claudio Carbone

Italian Documentary Filmmaker & Architect studying informal cities of Brazli, Rome and Lisbon and their inclusion processes. His  growing interest in social practices has led Claudio to collaborate with a one-year research grant at the

FLACSO Costa Rica "Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales", where he did a case study on the movements of struggle within the spatial injustices taking place in indigenous territories. Claudio currently holds a one-year research grant in Lisbon in the DINAMIA, CET-IUL, where he studies the processes of inclusion of informal territories in the metropolitan area of Lisbon.

Director and director of photography of the following projects:

  • "Cielito Rebelde" (2016) 36', Reportage on the movements of fighting in Mexico,
  • "Rosso Vivo" (2017) 60' Documentary on over a communal occupation in Rome,
  •  "Another Lisbon Story" (2017) 59' Documentary on the process of inclusion of a slum in Lisbon society.
  •  “Hasta que muera el sol” (2018) Documentary about indigenous fighting movements in Costa Rica.

WORKSHOP Illegal Neighbourhoods in the lense of the camera

Claudio Carbone, a documentary filmmaker, will focus on the dynamics of exclusion and inclusion of the neighbourhoods called illegal or irregular and will discuss how security policies are transformed into exclusion policies. Claudio will share his experience making his recent documentary "Another Lisbon Story", the journey of exploration how the audio-visual tools can become a means of denunciation and how the irregular communities can appropriate this tool to achieve their goals.


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