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Stephen Reid is the founder and co-director of the UK Psychedelic Society, the creator of and the press officer for the Breaking Convention Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness. Previously, he served on the board of Greenpeace UK, and co-founded the New Economics Foundation's New Economy Organisers Network and direct action movement UK Uncut. Stephen has Masters degrees in Physics from the University of Oxford and Complexity Sciences from the University of Bristol.

WORKSHOP Turn on, Tune in, Drop out… Integrate?

Over 30 million people in the US alone, are estimated to have experimented with Psychedelic drugs (Krebs & Johansen, 2013a), and with new research garnering considerable attention and showing positive effects, it is clear that more and more individuals will seek out Psychedelic experiences, so we want to pioneer imaginative, open, exploration in this outrageously wonderful field.

In a psilocybin study (Griffiths et al 2006), over 70% of the study participants reported the experience as being one of the five most important in their life, with 30% ranking it as numero uno, while another study from John Hopkins reported that nearly 60% of participants became more open in their personality, which lasted up to a year. And it is all too common that mystical, life-changing psychedelic experiences do sometimes fizzle out, sometimes it’s a year, other times it is a matter of days and that’s where integration comes in.

 Sure, ‘when you get the message you hang up the phone’, but once you’ve hung up the phone then what? The usual integration suspects are:

  • Transpersonally-oriented psychotherapy

  • Holotropic Breathwork

  • Shamanic Integration work

  • Different forms of bodywork

  • Different forms of energy release work

  • Work with archetypes

  • Different art forms, making music, dancing, painting, sculpting

  • Meditation and other spiritual practices (following the images or insights of the experience)

In addition to discussing their personal integration practices, friends and psychnauts Stephen Reid (UK Psychedelic Society co-director) and Ivan Juric (Guerrilla Foundation chief advisor) invite you to a fully participatory session on psychedelic integration. A sharing circle of peculiar and not-so-peculiar practices of what worked for you and what didn’t. They are particularly keen on hearing from those who found grounding in falconing, tree-whispering and navel-fuzz-collecting, but they’re also happy to hear from those into morning journaling. No practice is too outlandish or banal (except perhaps navel-fuzz-collecting).

Come along to Turn on, Tune in, Drop out aaand… Integrate!


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