We are a young digital application development studio from Antwerp, Belgium. We design and develop durable applications for web and mobile to support organisations who want to increase their societal impact. We enjoy working with people from different fields of expertise and try to assemble a diverse team for each project. To make it work, we stimulate participation by trying to do as much co-creation between us and the customer as we possibly can, by i.e. organising ideation co-creation workshops.

Part from that, we use a circular, iterative way of working: start small, test and learn from the results. We do this process on repeat for the execution of remaining and new functionalities.


WORKSHOP Realigning technology for social impact

Spaced will invite the participants to have an in-depth look into the current attention economy and come up with ways to reverse its effects by realigning technology with humanity’s best interest. Spaced are convinced that society will prosper if digital applications would focus on the true needs of people and not only consumerism and capital. With Spaced we want to help build an inclusive society that supports its citizens with the support of all the new digital solutions that have emerged the last decade.

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