Sementes Vivas

Sementes Vivas

Sementes Vivas

Sementes Vivas S.A. - Living Seeds – is an organic and biodynamic seed company, founded in July 2015 and based in Idanha-a-Nova, central Portugal, near to the border of Extremadura, Spain.

Sementes Vivas produces, processes and commercialises high quality open pollinated organic and biodynamic seeds of vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, cereals and pseudo-cereals.


WORKSHOP The impact of local and organic seeds

Most of the organic vegetables available on the market are produced from conventional seeds and thousands of varieties have disappeared from the market since the 1970s. The organic seed supply is limited and this is a threat to the future of organic food. By multiplying and saving local and organic seeds, you are supporting the movement towards seed and food sovereignty. In this workshop we will give an introduction into the basics of seed saving and the breeding of seeds, using best practice examples from our own seed production.

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