Speak From Your Whole Self, Reach The Whole World

Speak From Your Whole Self, Reach The Whole World

Speak From Your Whole Self, Reach The Whole World

Your Whole Self has trust, love and inspiration on tap, and knows how to flow the best words in any situation. But Your Whole Self also means your Shadow and your Shadow Intentions.  

Only when we reunite our cranky, control-freak, judgmental destructive parts with our loving, peaceful parts can we be whole. Once playfully witnessed, blessed and voiced, our Shadow shows the healthy needs it seeks to serve. This sets us free to reclaim full sovereignty of our own hearts and voices. 

By Reaching The Whole World, we don’t mean having every living thing pay attention! Reaching The Whole World means reaching that which is Whole in every person or thing we speak to. When we pretend we are better than, separate from, anyone we break life into pieces. When we speak from our Whole Self, we speak to the Whole Self in others, opening up infinite possibilities for transformation.

At the very very least, it feels a fuck of a lot better that way!

This workshop will be a high-energy, experiential step into Speaking From Your Whole Self. Come voice your own crazy mess, come voice your own exquisite power and grace. All in fun collective games. Come get a taste of the place inside of you where magic happens.

Dave Rock

Dave Rock is an award winning spoken word artist, and a storyteller. For 10 years he’s taken thousands of people on a journey to Live and Speak their Gifts. He teaches and coaches Flow Speaking to CEOs, award winning performing artists, asylum seekers, alternative communities, comedians, clowns, teachers and speakers. His work fuses playful, profound creative practices with cutting edge Flow neuroscience, and aims at Unconditional Love and Unconditional Fun. Supporting others to live their gifts in right-here-and-now ways makes him come alive.





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