A choreographed, Ritualistic dance piece in honour of the dark goddess. Eclectica will collaborate and be the physical embodiment of the music. Offering an awe inspiring visual experience in expression of the ferocious, wild, untamed face of the sacred feminine. Eclecticas dance transmission will inspire receivers to their creative potential and wild nature, unlocking and elevating the dancefloor vibration.

A choreographed dance piece in honour and reverence of our personal power. Eclectica will act as a vessel of divine knowledge and wisdom, presenting sacred choreography and sacred dance. The intention is to trigger remembrance of our creative power and self liberation.

Eclectica will offer a roving prayerformance, A fusion of storytelling, sacred dance and vocal percussion. A prayer for healing in honour to sacred mother earth. This transmission will be captivating and moving. Eclectica will embody the sacred tree of life and tell stories of creative conception and healing through their dance and movement.



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