Their music blends all types of sounds and instruments - from the sounds of a bike tire, to the percussion of trash cans, the basses of PVC tubes and even the scratches of a jacket zipper. Their current sound was established by applying the electronic element to all their instruments.

On stage, you will meet Lucas Jaramillon and David Colorado, who in 2009 created their own beats on real time, recording different loop layers and bringing the sounds of cumbia, porro or currulao to the party. Expect transitions to drum&bass, house and funk, accompanied by the loud and weird sound of Alibombo!

From Colombia to the world, the project has been affirming itself from Medellin where it first started, namely in the Pablo Tobon Uribe theater, the La Feria de Flores and Primavera Fest, but also iall over its home country, Ecuador and the United States of America. Since 2014, they have toured internationally 3 times.





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